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Product questions

Q: Are the Japanese Nishida grips only available in dark black/metallic blue?

A: Yes, because the grips are made for the asian hair market in Japan they are not available in lighter colours to match caucasian hair. However as Japanese hair is generally thick, heavy and straight, this is what makes the grips so strong! 


Q: Are the grips without a ball point end likely to hurt my client?

A: Since using the grips I have never had a problem with this. If the grips are used correctly, they will all glide easily through the hair. However I do like to use the grips without ball point ends when working with wigs or creative materials as they pass through more easily. 


Q: How do I decide whether to use a large or a small pin?

A: Pins are great for doing hair-ups, they allow for more adjustments and movement within hair than a grip would. I use a large pin for securing heavier sections of hair and fine small pins are good for more intricate finer details.


Q: Do I need lots of different types of pins and grips?

A: Personally my pin box contains all the different styles that we stock as it's important to be prepared when both assisting and working for yourself. They all have different uses and it's only by using them that you will discover which are your favourites.


Delivery questions

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes we have many international shipping options on the web-shop but please get in touch if your country isn't currently available.


Q: What delivery service do you use?

A: We currently use Royal Mail 1st class postal service. This takes 1-2 days to arrive within the UK from the dispatch date. 


Q: Whats the delivery time for an international order?

A:For International orders it depends on the country but it can sometimes take upto three weeks for an order to arrive.


Q: Can we arrange special delivery services/couriers?

A: We don’t currently offer a special delivery service directly from the website but please get in touch if you have a specific request. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements.