Education with integrity

Have you been looking for a course provider that cares deeply about the standard of education they deliver? Carefully selected teachers, that are genuine experts of their craft? Classes, that are intimate enough to ensure hands-on and focused learning? 

Introducing Session Kit Courses. Building on the reputation of the Session Kit shop, we are a course provider that is not only completely independent but also already holds a firm belief in bringing the best of the best of not only tools but education, advice and exposure to the hair industry.

The courses are aimed at many different types of hair industry professionals. Perhaps you’re looking to further your career and learn new skills? Maybe you’re looking to learn about what it takes to manage high-pressure environments such as backstage at fashion week , or on hand at a celebrity event? Or potentially you’re looking to see what it takes to keep up with current trends, Session Kit has you covered. 

Session Kit’s Founder and session stylist Anna Chapman has spent over a decade in the industry, where not only has she learnt from the masters but is now looking to pass on that knowledge through courses that excite and inspire. We give students a chance to consume Anna’s knowledge, but also the experience from tutors whom she has hand-picked. Working in the industry for so long, Session Kit’s ethos is about focusing on innovating and skill as opposed to a follower count or popularity ranking. We work with tutors who share our passion and are specialists in their field and that’s where you, as part of our community, would receive a different independent education. You will learn the tricks of the trade, backstage unspoken rules and newly acquired knowledge that will benefit you in both the fashion industry and in the salon. 

Course testimonials

The knowledge I took away from Anna and Gary at the Session Kit x Opportunity course was beyond just hair styling. Their specific advice on how to make it in the fashion world was priceless. My career has grown exponentially since I have taken the course. I would highly advise anyone who is thinking about taking their hair career into fashion to take a course from SessionKit!
— Katie DeLuca - Cleveland Ohio
Session kit x opportunity was a turning point in my session career. The knowledge and insight I gained into the ‘session world’ from Session Kit mentors Anna Chapman and Gary Gill was priceless. I would totally recommend Session Kit to anyone interested in this industry. It’s an awsome stepping stone of knowledge.
— Jamie Richards - Birmingham
Since winning Session Kit X Opportunity I have worked with the best session stylists in the world. I have worked back stage at London, Milan and Paris Fashion week and assisted on fashion editorial and brand campaigns. Anna and Gary shared their experience and knowledge which was invaluable and crucial to me securing session work. I recommend Session Kit X Opportunity to anyone looking to gain industry experience in the session world.
— Thomas Temperley - Glasgow